Earthship PEI

Self-Sustainability in Harmony With Nature

Build Consultation

Dream of building your own Earthship someday? You’re halfway there!


Not really though. Action is needed, plans must be made, steps must be taken. We can help you get started and see you through until that day you move in.

We’ve had the privilege to be apart of three builds and counting. We have built our own Ship here on PEI which we now live in, and have made connections across North America who have helped us learn what we now know. Building multiple homes from the ground up with experienced Earthship crew members, continual research, and many successes (and mistakes!) have brought us to a point where we now feel comfortable to offer some advice.

We have a wide network of great minds full of experience and problem solving capacities for any of your building needs.

From figuring outs permits to the final finishes, and systems we can offer our expertise over the phone, via email, skype or in person.


If you desire to have a project manager or on site consultation a separate plan will be worked out accordingly.

This task is not taken lightly. Earthship Biotecture has been developing the Earthship since the 70’s and brought them to the forefront of the sustainable building movement. We respect and salute Michael Reynolds and all the hard working pioneers who have paved the way. As Isaac Newton said about standing on the shoulders of giants we plan to improve and further develop the concepts originated by the noble group.

Here at Earthship PEI we also believe in the Gift economy, meaning that if you have donated time or materials to us in the past or have volunteered, we will be happy to help you in return. We will reflect, to the best of our ability, to an equivalent value of the time or materials you donated.

If you would like to talk to us personally please email us and set up a time and date. We would love to hear from you!